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Interprofessional Controlled Substance Risk Mitigation Initiative Symposium: An Interactive Forum Bringing Together Dentists, Physicians, Dental Hygienists, Students, and Specialists in the Field
Credits: 5.00
This symposium and interactive forum will not only provide an opportunity to learn about the important work being done on behalf of the Massachusetts Governor's Working Group on Prescription Drug Misuse but will also have an impact on shaping future dental education and will put participants on the forefront of improving standards of dental practice.

DATE: June 8, 2019
| LOCATION: Boston, MA

New Advances in Caries Management: Risk Assessment, Silver Diamine Fluoride, and Glass Ionomer Cement
Credits: 6.00
In this lecture, Dr. Young will present a scientific overview of caries management by risk assessment utilizing new tools such as the ADA Caries Classification System, silver diamine fluoride (SDF), partial caries removal, and glass ionomer cement (GIC) to managing caries. Actual clinical cases will be used to illustrate these concepts.

DATE: June 14, 2019
| LOCATION: Boston, MA

Pediatric Tongue- and Lip-Ties: Diagnosis and Treatment with Soft-Tissue Lasers (3-Day Hands-On Course)
Credits: 19.00
In this course, attendees will receive an overview of best practices regarding tongue- tie assessment and treatment, and will participate in a hands-on workshop on how to remove tongue-ties through the use of soft-tissue lasers. They will also have the opportunity to view videos and case studies, as well hearing from current laser frenectomy practitioners about billing and insurance issues.

DATE: June 27-29, 2019
| LOCATION: Boston, MA