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In this course, participants will learn how to choose bone graft material and apply bone grafts for predictable results. They will also become familiar with ridge augmentation, sinus augmentation, titanium mesh, membranes, and techniques for extraction socket preservation.

DATE: October 19, 2019 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
In this three-day course, participants will have the opportunity to receive implant training from skilled Tufts University clinicians, and to conduct surgeries on cadavers under experienced supervision.

DATE: October 24, 2019 - October 26, 2019 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
This case-based course will help participants understand how to work with and effectively treat patients, from the apprehensive to the combative, from infancy to old age, who are living with a variety of physical and mental health disorders.

DATE: October 26, 2019 | LOCATION: Boston, MA